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The Connect & Capture Method

Confidently directing your couples for an amazing experience.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for engagement and wedding photographers who want to confidently direct their couples so no one has an uncomfortable experience.

This is not just for beginning photographers, but photographers who want a creative push to know how to better interact with their couples to get more genuine reactions out of them.

If you're stuck in a rut and just feel like you're doing some of the same things over and over, you'll find so many helpful prompts, directions, and activities in this course to play with your couples.

I fully believe every photographer, no matter how much experience they have, will gain a lot of helpful tips throughout this course to be able to shoot more confidently and creatively. 


In section one, we cover some the easiest things you guys can do that will boost your confidence tremendously by getting yourself even more familiar with your gear, how to work with lighting, tips on practicing, and facing all the fears before you have to tackle a photo shoot. Once you are fully prepared with every aspect of a session and how to interact with any type of couple, then you will have so much more confidence going into the shoot.

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In section two I cover so many topics that combine into sparking a connection with your couples before they even reach out to you! Building a brand that screams your personality, going more in depth on social media, your website and ways to put yourself out there so you attract your ideal couples.


Section three is one of the most fun sections! It's all about interacting with your couples, getting to know them more, making them feel more at ease on the photo shoot and how to make them feel like rock stars when you take their photos! I cover tons of tips and tricks that you can implement in your sessions that will leave your couples feeling like they just had the best experience of their lives to the point that they'll be spreading the word about you!

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Of course we don't want to leave out some of the most important videos you'll watch through this entire series! I will show you so many different prompts, poses, directions, and activities to do with your couples to make them have the time of their lives! You'll get to see first hand how I interact with my couples to make them feel like super models while making the session super fun! WHO'S EXCITED?!

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Katy Dezellar


This course has literally CHANGED MY LIFE! I've been shooting photography for a while now, but I barely knew anything about working with couples or shooting weddings before I found this course. Now I do and I love it! It gave me the confidence and skills to get out there and work with people, get to know them on a deeper level, and capture genuine moments. This makes my sessions FUN and helps couples to relax, which definitely shows in the photos! There is a wealth of information here and I can tell that Becca put her heart into it. I'm so thankful she was willing to share her secrets and help other photographers to grow their skills, businesses, and confidence! Thank you so much!

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Ivan Wognin


One word: authenticity. Becca’s posing course not only goes into the technical details of photography as an art but also takes you on a journey to understand what it’s like to connect with couples and create relationships that allow you to tell the story accurately. Most importantly, Becca’s heart is to share and encourage others. It’s so easy to learn from a photographer who is putting other photographers first in the making of this! I know this course has inspired me to not only tell my couples stories accurately, but to be myself and create through that truth!




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McKaila Singer


After taking Becca's Posing Course and learning not only how to draw genuine emotion out of my couples but to feel confident while I am in a session or at a wedding, has genuinely changed my work and my client experience! Becca takes a simple yet genius approach in directing couples through giving them simple actions to do which in return creates amazing genuine emotion! After going through all the sections in this course, "posing" not only came more naturally to me, but it really has changed my client's experience as well which at the end of the day is what it is all about!!




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