Katy Dezellar - "This course has literally CHANGED MY LIFE! I've been shooting photography for a while now, but I barely knew anything about working with couples or shooting weddings before I found this course. Now I do and I love it! It gave me the confidence and skills to get out there and work with people, get to know them on a deeper level, and capture genuine moments. This makes my sessions FUN and helps couples to relax, which definitely shows in the photos! There is a wealth of information here and I can tell that Becca put her heart into it. I'm so thankful she was willing to share her secrets and help other photographers to grow their skills, businesses, and confidence! Thank you so much!"


Ivan Wognin - "One word: authenticity. Becca’s posing course not only goes into the technical details of photography as an art but also takes you on a journey to understand what it’s like to connect with couples and create relationships that allow you to tell the story accurately. Most importantly, Becca’s heart is to share and encourage others. It’s so easy to learn from a photographer who is putting other photographers first in the making of this! I know this course has inspired me to not only tell my couples stories accurately, but to be myself and create through that truth!"


McKaila Singer - "After taking Becca's Posing Course and learning not only how to draw genuine emotion out of my couples but to feel confident while I am in a session or at a wedding, has genuinely changed my work and my client experience! Becca takes a simple yet genius approach in directing couples through giving them simple actions to do which in return creates amazing genuine emotion! After going through all the sections in this course, "posing" not only came more naturally to me, but it really has changed my client's experience as well which at the end of the day is what it is all about!! THANK YOU BECCA!"


Ashley Overby - "Becca's posing course has been life changing for my business. Not only am I more confident in my ability to direct clients but I feel that I can connect with them on a more genuine level. The anxiety photographers feel can kill creativity and limit your artistic ability. This course helps get that creativity and joy back into your business! Get the course, you won't regret it!"


Amanda McKevitt - "This course has built up my confidence so much!!!! I'm sooo thankful to Becca for creating this course and being willing to share what she has learned and what works for her so well! Thank you Becca!"


Kyja Penning - "Thank you thank you thank you for your posing guide class! I've admired your work for a whiel now and with everything going on in the world this seemed like the perfect inspiration Booster! I'm only on section one and I've learned so much already! I am blown away and can't wait to see what else is in this course!"


Liz Sologub - "I had bought another posing course from a different photographer running a sale a couple of weeks before Becca's came out and was very disappointed so I ended up getting Becca's and I'm in love! I was a little hesitant after spending $300+ on someone else course and not liking it. But I'm so glad I invested in this course. It has so much more content, not just posing but settings and how to better your brand and yourself as a photographer. And so so many behind the scenes videos. It's definitely worth the money!"


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