About Me

Hey guys! Here's a little more about me and why I wanted to build this course!

When starting out in photography, I think every experience I had with a couple was super awkward! I was always so incredibly nervous before every single shoot because I just didn't have a plan or know what to do! I always expected my couples to take charge and tell me what type of photos they wanted, but they never did! So I was always left hanging onto Pinterest for help in those times! 

Over time, I realized more and more that I'm the one who's supposed to take charge of the session and come prepared with poses to do. I was always more drawn to taking photos that told more of a story, where you could feel the emotion. I began to think of prompts and find ways to pose my couples as I became inspired by several other photographers to capture more emotion than just stiff posing.

I've been working on this craft for years! And finally had to share some of that with the world on my YouTube channel! I had no idea that there was such a need for photographers to learn how to interact and direct their couples!

That's when I got the idea to not just throw a few videos on YouTube, but to create an entire course of how to interact, pose, and direct your couples to give them a better experience and in a way that you can feel completely confident doing so!

I'm super excited and passionate about this area of photography and completely overjoyed that I get to share this with you all!



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